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Follow our project’s progress by browsing through our updates below. The project was active from March to May 2011.

Week 16
5/2/2011:  Project finalized. Survey completed, Final paper edited. Future survey, brochure and flier posted on the website. Project ready to be handed in.

Week 15
4/26/2011: Continued finalization of the group project, loose ends are being focused on, continued social media and online presence, final research paper has been written and is being edited. Preparation for poster presentation has begun as well. New poll questions with a stronger academic focus will be implemented.

  • Group poster finalized by Brittany, section updated
  • Paper completed by Andy
  • Slides uploaded to Slideshare.net by Amir, Twitter & Facebook agenda continue.
  • Xiaosong & Yang continued to finalize final video and other loose ends.
  • Preparation for poster presentation.

Week 14
4/19/2011: Day of Presentation. We recieved our permission to use We Are Barcelona – Headphones too late, the edits were already used for the main video. Andy created the slides, Brittany worked on the poster design, Xiaosong & Yang worked on the video and Amir tweaked the blogs and continued with the social media agenda.

  • Links on blogposts formatted to APA
  • We Are Barcelona allows us to to use their track My Headphones
  • YouTube, Vimeo, & Soundcloud accounts created
  • Video completed
  • Poster Design created
  • Slides created
  • Twitter & Facebook updates continue

Week 13
4/14/2011: Group meet up at Geraldin, scenes for videos and still images were taken of the group and individuals for our video. We also met outside and made clear distinctions of what everyone is set out to accomplish for the week ahead.

  • Social media share buttons added
  • Facebook Fan Page created
  • Website Optimized for iPads
  • Redesign of pages
  • Reached 100 followers on Twitter
  • Lists created on Twitter to connect the rest of the 506 groups

Week 12
4/7/2011: We met in lab, Andy & Brittany discussed plans for the poster design and pamphlet. Xiaosong, Yang & Amir discussed the videos as well as website ideas. We reviewed our twitter social media presence and decided to add an updates section to the blog. Most importantly we brought back the dangling headphones to the site, which we all love.

  • Updates section added
  • History post picture updated
  • Main Video almost complete
  • Transcripts for interviews completed
  • annotated bibliography complete
  • Polls page section added

Week 11
3/31/2011: We met in lab and discussed our ideas of the blog layout and decided on set structure of posts images and fonts. Brittany discussed her thoughts on design, Xiaosong and Yang discussed their interviews and wanted to pursue more sources Amir discussed the website as well as possible ideas with social media.

  • Blog design completed
  • Blog updated with 2 new posts
  • Interviews completed
  • Fonts, images and structure agreed upon
  • Decided to close comments

Week 10
3/24/2011: We met in lab and discussed our ideas of the where we would like to focus our research on. Andy suggested we divide up an equal number of sources per person and report back with each other via email.

  • Twitter added, WordPress Blog added
  • Research articles compiled
  • Facebook group created, closed/private group
  • Draft Design added
  • Storyboards started

Week 9
3/17/2011: Group met in class, topic chosen, work divided with set goals drawn out.

  • Research ideas and brain storming
  • We agreed to provide 4 sources each on the technical and social effects of headphones
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